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By Johnny Certo While fishing near the Great Barrier Reef, a young man was fatally wounded in a shark attack. An 18-year-old...

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Hawaii Sportsmen's Alliance

Who thinks we can win? When you ask a legislator or their aids about legislation, the minute you put some teeth into the legislation, they tell you it cannot pass.

These are the same people to a one, who were all asked if §263-10 was law, prohibition against aerial shooting, how does DLNR continue to fly in the face of such regulation. No questioning of DLNR and no curiosity of the obvious to the responses from the Attorney General that the State is not required to follow State Law... which we now know and always knew as lay people, that the State is bound by their own rules.

My question is that if you want something, why not ask for it. We know this is an us against them challenge, but if we have to do it their way or not at all, what are we doing in the long run? That's right, we are doing nothing to improve our lot in life or the lot of our game animals. So that being the case, what do legislators actually think about?

What they probably understand is votes. That is also represented to a degree from testimony, phone calls and person to person meetings with legislators. Of all years, we need to be diligent, aware of what's being introduced, and aggressive in our campaign for hunter supported legislation this is probably going to be a watershed year and we'll be needing your help for all of the above!

Much Aloha,


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This now brings up several other issues. FONSI... Findings Of No Significant Impact and even the States tepid use of EA's, Environmental Assessments to weave their dirty work.

A game Commission should be created with hunters chosen by hunters through either a Mayoral Appointment or Countywide committees or commissions. They should be the FINAL say on Fencing and Aerial Shooting which is justified in some areas for sure... just not in ANY accessible area.

Snaring should not be allowed either in any area that the excuse for snares is that hunters spend days looking for game and quit because they (and their dogs) can't find them. If the dogs can't find them there is no need for further eradication or management efforts, or fencing.

We need forests without fences, and we need forests with sustainable forest resources, which include the pig, sheep, goat and deer. Wild Cattle are also preferable to the Anti-GMO types as well, so let's get sensible.

Thorough article by John Burnett. Investigative reporting, is what we need or evidence of the wrong doing by DLNR that we can use to show comes about through the collusion with the Environmental Community and the USFWS. Chief Perp here, recently, was the Governor and his "advisers" advisory and "management staff" to be read as Lisa Hadway..

We are going to have to have support this upcoming legislative Session. We have 255 members on this site. I invite all of you to please send in testimony on the bills that are introduced in favor of responsible game management. 255 pro hunting comments and words of united support would be, I think, a first! We had lots of support last year as well, (I'm not certain of the numbers)and this year we'll really need it.

Again I thank all of you!

Much Aloha,

Tom Lodge

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The court dismissed the Attorney General of Hawaii's case, supported by the DLNR, against the County of Hawaii's aerial shooting ban. Actually, the case didn't even get that far. The State statute HRS 263-10 prohibiting aerial "hunting" (I call it "shooting") already was enough grounds for dismissal.

Now perhaps we should look out for an amendment this legislature season to HRS 263-10 to exempt the State and employees from this state law. We'll need your support in opposition to this (if it arises) if sportsmen are to be able to continue cooperative efforts with our seemingly one-sided and unilateral department.

I wish things did not have to be like this. Personally, I feel this is no way to do business in Hawaii. However, our government chose the path on their own and it is up to you, the people, to either oppose it or accept it.

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Echoing Tom's posts of the lawsuit DLNR is filing against the County of Hawaii on the county's aerial shooting ordinance.
Tomorrow Judge Hara hears the case. 9:00AM Hilo Circuit Court. You may support our Hawaii County Corp Counsel by attending the hearing.

I want to reaffirm to everyone that aerially shooting animals without public knowledge or acceptance is not pono and is currently illegal except in Mauna Kea's Palila Critical Habitat.

Aerial shooting is not something only hunters sometimes disapprove of. It is something that has affected communities across Hawaii Island and the people are sick of it. Below is a photo of over 500 signatures in petition to have DLNR cease such unilateral action several years ago. These are people that had to listen to gunfire in close proximity to their homes and in some cases watch animals drop from aerial gunfire. Most of these people are not hunters. They were not told, they we not given notice. The DLNR conducts these things secretly and does as they please. There is no control. Hence the county ordinance banning aerial shooting passed unanimously from overall community support.

And today, while we work on taking care of our land and all the resources on it, the DLNR acted unilaterally to sue the County of Hawaii. We were not given chance to work together, the BLNR that represents you were not given notice of filing a lawsuit on your time and money, the employees were unaware. Nope, this is an action purely out of William Aila's office under support from DOFAW administrator Lisa Hadway.
I'm not making any personal attacks as this is FACT. They can get all upset and emotional ... but prove me wrong then. It is what it is. I would hope to work with this department in the future. However, in all honesty, it is incredibly difficult when they would rather seek litigation on a whole community over working together. It is unfortunate that this is the direction of our public department. I would hope Hawaii is worth better in the future.

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This is how much that DLNR values your input. Not only laughable, there are some clear misrepresentations in here that anyone here who commented on the rules back in 2008, will clearly be able to see.

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Tony Sylvester the II wrote a great article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald this morning regarding our animals and their bloodlines. It's a great read. It's lengthy but focuses on "Heritage" animals and further exemplifies why we need to keep our animals "wild" and free.

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Personally I would like to thank all of you who take the time to make a difference, whether it planting kukui nut trees, taking your kids fishing or hunting, or even just a meandering through the forest looking at birds, teaching appreciation of our aina.

These efforts and sharing these events with your friends, your children and helping to promote, protect and preserve our hunting heritage is important to keep it going. Those of you like Ryan Kohatsu, Tony Sylvester, and the many others who contribute to our objective are doing great work, and it is being noticed.

Regardless of how this goes on Wednesday, we need to thank our County Council for their trust and confidence in you to stick their necks out for us and the Mayor and Laureen Martin for the great job she's doing as Corporate Council in defending this lawsuit. The more people know that this is really a critical issue with us, the more support we'll gather going forward.

My two cents and appreciation for all the work you guys have done on this site and spreading the word.

Much aloha,

Tom Lodge

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Wednesday is the day that Judge Hara is supposed to decide the Merits of the States lawsuit against the County. We invite all who can, to please come to show support for the County Council who enacted ordinance's 14-111 and 14-112 which read;

Article 18. Animal Eradication.

Section 14-111. Findings and purpose.
(a) The County of Hawai‘i is charged with the ultimate responsibility to protect, preserve, and enhance the
health, safety, and welfare of the people of Hawai‘i Island. With regard to the bond between the people
and the land, the County of Hawai‘i hereby finds:

(1) Animal eradication by aerial shooting is in conflict with the cultural and traditional values of the
people of Hawai‘i County;

(2) Aerial hunting eradication creates unnecessary risk to human life, while also disturbing endangered
flora and fauna; and

(3) Animal population control measures can be performed in a manner that is harmonious with the
culture, values, and principles of the people.

(b) The purpose of this article is to declare:

(1) Animal eradication by aerial shooting on Hawai‘i Island shall no longer be practiced;

(2) The State of Hawai‘i should conform and comply with the provisions of this article;

(3) Other methods of animal population control must be used. Any such method to be enacted will take
in to account the will of the people, which requires effective communication and a concerted effort
to remain linked to the people that take responsibility for the land and its resources; and

(4) The State of Hawai‘i should increase public access to the areas of Hawai‘i Island that will allow
hunters and gatherers the opportunity to provide subsistence to the families of Hawai‘i Island.
Valuable food resources should be consumed rather than wasted. (2012, Ord. No. 12-109, sec. 2.)14-111

Section 14-112. Aerial eradication of animals; unlawful.
It is a violation of this article for any person to engage in the eradication of any animal for any reason
while being transported by helicopter, airplane, or any other similar means. (2012, Ord. No. 12-109, sec. 2.)

which were enacted to stop the State and others, this unnecessary, illegal and dreadful practice of slaughter and waste of animal resource.

Much Aloha.. Tom

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Apparently we have a Councilman who is supported by Lisa Hadway. We have a Councilman who discounted everything he has learned about hunters and hunting here on Hawaii Island in favor of a diatribe by Lisa Hadway, Department of Land and Natural Resources Administrator (DLNR) without regard that the Commission was voted into being by 2/3's of those that voted for it BECAUSE OF DLNR.

You'd think that a Council member would recognize the reality of this. Well my reality is, that if this is true and represents his actual mindset, we have to have more people impress upon him, that would be Aaron Chun, just how serious this issue with DLNR really is.

We have two new council people this year, Chun and Paleka and that is enough to derail some of our agenda. So though we need to see how they behave in these issues, a real message would be sent by having as many people as we can come to Court on Wednesday to support the Anti-Aerial Ban.

Lisa told Chun that when they win this thing, being able to shoot anywhere, that it will "lay this issue to rest"... to continue with their unfettered challenge to follow State Law, and be able to shoot game resources wherever they see fit.

Much Aloha,

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