Photographer Thought Hunters Were ‘Barbaric, Blood Thirsty, Gun Lovers’


This is a great article that illustrates how knowledge can overcome ignorance. So many people, especially in Hawaii, know very little about the local hunting culture. Most hunters have such a low profile about their activities that even their friends and family have no clue that they are hunters. Sadly, the large poaching community in Hawaii have a much higher profile than legal hunters and that is what the public sees.

The media also plays a large part is shaping the public’s perception of hunting in a negative way. The news and television programs portray poachers and hunter as one and the same, despite the many attempts by the hunting community to educate them.

Those who place their philosophical beliefs over knowledge and understanding are unlikely to ever overcome their ignorance. Fortunately, those people are the minority.

This article does a great job exploring one woman’s perception of hunting and hunters, how it changed from ignorance to openness and the new-found understanding of a conservation-base lifestyle.

Photographer Thought Hunters Were ‘Barbaric, Blood Thirsty, Gun Lovers’…Then She Moved Away From California and Started Taking Pictures Like This |